video brochures

  • Video brochure – IT

The Information and Communication Technology industry uses all kinds of digital communication to attract and reach new customers and inform them of their unique products and services. With an overload of emails, social website messages, online videos and digital attachments or links to more information, these messages are not seen anymore or even rejected in the avalanche of information that is send to customers’ decision makers. The video brochure is the ideal communication tool to give a decision maker the choice to view the information at his time of choice without the need of a PC or tablet. The video brochure also stands out as a personal and innovative non-invasive message, which will attract the attention of the targeted decision maker.

  • Video brochure – Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry like diamonds, gold rings, golden earrings, prestigious watches, silver bracelets, pendants, broche, gemstones, pearls, etc. can best be shown on a digital video brochure, as it cannot only show the beauty of the jewelry but also the craftsmanship with which it is made.

  • Video brochure – Special Events

Giving a customer an impression of his special event can be best shown on a video brochure. The corporate or government customer will then better understand that organizing his special events requires not only efficiency and detailed planning but also timely preparation and determining purpose of events.

  • Video brochure – Ships, off shore and marine equipment

Super yachts, luxury ships, ocean sailing boats and other ships and vessels as well as off shore and marine facilities, have so much technology on board, that it is easier to show it on a video brochure then to explain it in a traditional paper brochure. A video brochure can also show the many options to choose for a super yacht or an offshore drilling rig or can be used as a video instruction manual on high seas when the power is out.

  • Video brochure – Electronics

To show all the features of new innovative electronics, companies can use the video brochure to show and explain the many features and advantages of an electronic product like a Smart Phone, TV, Tablet PC, iPad, iPhone, Digital camera, Notebook, Netbook, E-Book, etc. The video brochure can also be used as a POS display to show in-store product presentations and company information.

  • Video brochure – Finance

Especially for financial institutions like Banks, Insurance companies, Investment funds, Pension funds and other companies in the finance Industry, as well as financial consultants and accountants, the video brochure is an ideal marketing tool to promote and explain their complex financial products and services.

  • Video brochure – Manufacturing

Explaining complex manufacturing processes, machinery and industrial products, can be difficult on paper. A Video Brochure can show the quality of a manufacturer, the innovation and development capability to support industrial and professional customers’ requests, from many different industries.

  • Video brochure – Exclusive locations

Exclusive locations like Conference Centers, Exhibition Centers, Spa, Wellness Centers, Hotels, Resorts, Villa’s Residences, Board rooms, Meeting rooms, Clubs, Societies, Private Islands and Retreats can better show and promote their facilities, environment and luxury services, with a digital video brochure, as a video shown can give a better impression than a printed or digital information leaflet.

  • Video brochure – Cars

To show new and exclusive car models which have more features and functions than before, the Video Brochure is the ideal presentation and marketing tool for car companies. Not only as a promotion tool but also as a first introduction and instruction manual to the car, the video brochure will be very much appreciated by every car buyer.

  • Video brochure – Hotels

Many hotels have a well known name for business travelers, but these guests hardly know what other facilities and services these hotels have to offer. To explain to corporate customers how they could hold a successful meeting in one of the hotel locations around the world and which excellent services as well as accommodation offers can be provided, a video-brochure is the perfect marketing tool to get this message across, for hotel chains as well as exclusive boutique hotels.

  • Video brochure – Airlines

Airlines can now offer more services than only flying from A to B. The newest planes provide more facilities to passengers and the airlines complement this with extra services in the air as well as on the ground. To introduce and show these new services to business travelers or preferred exclusive customers, a video brochure is the ideal promotion tool. It can be handed out in the air and the customer does not need a PC, tablet or even power to see all the services offered in a video. The video brochure is an exclusive promotion tool is best suited for airlines.

  • Video brochure – Creditcard size

Your business card can now show your personal video presentation. With our video brochure the size of a business card with a 2.4 inch LCD screen, you can present yourself and your company, your products and services. It will also impress your customers and potential business relationships. Customers will not only remember this unique presentation it will also be shown to other contacts, thereby presenting yourself to more potential sales leads then you could do yourself.