Custom 7.0inch Video Brochures are the innovative form of advertising. Not only do they increase a product’s sales potential, they are also cost-effective and offer a tool which is engaging and drives customer interaction,LCD/IPSscreens became lighter and more energy efficient.

Are you wandering which feature of the 7.0 inch  video brochure?


Luxury Branding and Design

M&M are able to offer luxury branding using our specialist in-house design team. Rich experience in the luxury space and offer unlimited revisions to ensure your video brochure/video mailer/video book/video business card  are designed perfectly to requirements.If you do not want to work with us on design, It is fine. Most of our customer design by their own team, all sizes and different style video brochures(2.4inch/4.3inch/5.0inch,7.0inch and 10.0inch) templates can be provided for designing, pls freely to let us know.The most important thing is that the lcs video brochure represents your brand perfectly. We will be able to give free consultation about how we feel you should design your brochure and make sure your Ips video brochure design has maximum impact!

Direct video marketing

Rich videos using sound and sight triggers greater emotional intensity in the minds of your should get your advertising into your customer’ hands in a memorable way. Preload videos about your company mission, your new product or presentation into the video brochure. It gives you the options to put your uniqueness into the market place.

Impressive images and words

As you can check the pictures as below, Different size of the video brochures with different printing, it can be color printing the image and words as  you need to show to your customers. Images are more powerful than the words.Choose suitable words and images and combine them in a impressive way that personalizes your message, including the use of titles, descriptions, captions and vital statistics about your product or company service.

Not one-time advertising

The 7.0inch video brochure comes with a rechargeable battery support long times using, inside memory from 256mb to 16gb, without any extra software, connect it with computer then you can change it any time. Video locked is available if you need.Which give an impressive and unforgettable impression to your customers,


As soon as you have created your message, think about what additional elements would present more details and improve the experience of your clients. You can incorporate optional add-ons such as integrated leaflets, ring-bound inserts, capacity pockets, hot foils and screen printing, all useful tools to help you present additional info.

About M&M Tech Video brochure

M&M video brochures card/box are the video brochures people can purchase in small quantities like 50pcs even 10pcs. or even individually.Personally use or business promotion are available.. For business promotion, your company can use it for launch a new product,training, presentations or sales. For personal use, wedding gift is a great way to use it, one of our clients is a great speaker from Austrialia, his company but it and load the speech video into it and send it to someone.

M&M video brochures have been a great hit since 2012, our clients get what they need from us, highly appreciated hearing the good news from our happy customer. Also glad that we can provide this amazing product to all of you an dmake it more reliable.

If your company want to improve the chances of your messages engaging target prospects in a great way, M&M video brochure is a ideal choice to get theirattention in a simple way. deliver the infomation in a impressive way, Which is specially difficult to ignore.

What we used to do and will do for inventing it is in response to numerous inquiries we received from someone asked if they can make an small quantity orderand do not need to pay a expensive price. After they buy it, they looking forward to get this amazing product quickly. In fact, Video brochure is a custom-madewith your company informations and logo with the video preloaded, the set up fee is extremly expensive. most of client ask at least send it out within 2 weeks,actually it is possible here, just let us know if it is urgent order. Less than 500pcs we can make it done within 5~6 working days.

To make it more affordabke, we realized that it is nessary to keep a stockile of video brochures without any printing, only blank design,maybe some clients need it for testing the quality first. So what should we do now? Of course we find a wayto make it come true, if you need a sample for testing the quality very quick just email us and let us know you requirements. One more thing, we provide the free sample for testing. We thought that clients should not pay the testing fee. Right?

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