Video business card is a 2.4″ video screen in a very small 4.2″ by 2.2″ format, a little bigger than a standard business card.

It can also include an inside pocket to hold an actual business card. It stand out because the receiver instantly recognizes they have been given a valuable item, that your message is important to you, and that they are important to you also. A video business card disrupts the pattern of accepting and dropping into a bag whatever paper item is handed out.

Take premier brand delivery to the ultimate level and maximise your VIP customer relationships with video business cards.

Showcase your products and the emotional value they deliver with the video delivered inside the most luxurious and immediately effective collateral.


Automatic on/off functionality when opened or closed with a magnetic switch. You can easily carry your own important message at all times, access it from your pocket and show it to your audience. The video business card is offered with a 2.4” digital screen and integrated speaker.

There are two options available, side opening and top opening, and we are also able to create an outer presentation box for you to place your video business cards inside.

Display 2.4 inch / 320 x 240 resolution
Memory 128 Mb/Up to 4 Gb.
Board PCB Board
Port Micro-USB
Speaker Output: 2W
Size 90*50mm
Battery 500mAh

Video Business Card Price
Video business card with and without printing you can get, The average of cost a Video Business Cards is USD12.00 – USD15.00 depends on the order quantity. Higher quantity orders may get USD10.00, Video content preload is free service if needed.

Video Business Card Design
Please send a message to from our website to get a Video Business Card template. The template is editable in Illustrator (preferred) and Photoshop. If you decide to create your design in Photoshop, please deliver the resulting file layered, with the template on one layer, and your design on the other (or in a layer group).
We can design the cards for you. Of course it is another free service, If you decide to use our design services, please submit your existing marketing material, business card design (if available), logo in vector format, any images you may need on the card, and a copy. Please note that the card has four pages, so there is more space available than on a traditional card.

Buy Video Business Card Sample
You can purchase a sample of our Video Business Card for testing in hand first, well noted that the
sample cost is refundable when you decide to order mass quantity from us. So it is another kind of “Free”

Video business card Printing / Finishing Options
We are experts in promotional merchandise and print media. Whatever your design needs, we can provide you top quality results.
Finishing options include: gloss, matte, soft touch, foil hotstamping, spot UV and more.

Video business card Charging and Packaging
Charging: Each video marketing product comes with a USB charging cord. The USB cord can also be used to upload and download new videos to the video marketing product.
Packaging: Each video marketing product is individually bubble wrapped. Premium presentation packaging is also available. Special packaging is available with extra cost.

    If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.