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Did you image how to make your brand/company more memorable in UK/Canada/USA? If not, let us image it now. M&M Tech will make it happen now. Before that, you should learn something about this product— Video brochures

A video brochure is a physical cardboard (often folded) that combines audio, video, and print. Some times it can be hardcover, plastic and anything you need.

You can call it as video brochure, video card, video greeting card, video box, video mailer,video booklet, video book and so on.

The reason for that is due to the engagement and entertainment of video as a platform.

The key to video brochures is that they connect with customers or prospects on their own time.

There isn’t a disruptive call or email to carry your message—they can consume your content at their own pace. With the tangibility of traditional print & the entertainment factor of digital media, your consumer enjoys a truly interactive experience with your brand.

Where/when could you use video brochures in Canada/UK/USA?

M&M Tech video brochures are the best tool to help you catch attention,deliver the video content and message in a unique way to make your brand and company more unforgettable. More details pls kindly check here.

-For business, use it as a name card with your self-introduction video inside, your valuable client have a deep learning about you rather just some letters

-Invitation, business invitation or wedding invitation are available.

-Graduation or training, such as new product training, employee training or medical procedures.

-Gifts and awards for sales, VIP Travel.

– Web design,photography or graphics design

– Product catalogs. Exhibition give-outs for valuable clients.

-Direct mail marketing

How to make you unforgettable via M&M video brochures?

The biggest impact of the video mailers is when the video content is played. The video booklet is very attractive to illustrate the printed content, which is impressive. There is a wow factor with which they may be unrivalled in marketing. However, the video content eventually provides “magical touch “, making the company more memorable as it combines vision, sound and movement to attract more senses. Also, people like videos for a variety of reasons.

Video brochures Make the information more memorable because people remember more of what they see and hear together. On average, people remember the 10% they heard, the 35% they saw, and more than half of what they saw and heard together. The combination of vision, sound and movement presented in the video presents a better spread than most other forms of marketing.

–With video brochure products, you can use the hybrid features of buttons and multimedia to create an unforgettable experience, enhance the power of print marketing tools, and take advantage of every marketing dollar.

-In 2018 study, 52% of marketers used some kind of video in their presentations; at least 70% were valid.

-In addition, your digital video will increase your return on investment by establishing a connection to your target audience using a powerful video format. Simply upload different videos using a USB cable to customize your digital presentation to reach different audiences more effectively.

-Video brochuress make ordinary salespeople great and sometimes actually make them sell themselves.

-Your clients are able to watch the video anywhere anytime without internet.

-Customize your communications to get a closer relationship with your customers. Because the video video brochure is fully customizable, there are so many options to choose from. Create your own brand design, from art to brochures, screen sizes and feature options. If you are, we can create it.

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M&M Tech offer highest quality video brochure with good price

Our confidence due to the strict quality control for video business cards, we print at least 20% extra cards, so as to keep the dents, scratches to a bare minimum, so that every single product that is shipped meets the highest standard. Every electronic components must be tested before assemblying.

To make sure the good quality, all components of video business card is put into aging room over 4 hours for double testing. At least 48 hours( other supplier only 4 hours) testing of charging and discharging to guarantee it support over 2 years display.

Our Li-Ion Polymer batteries come fitted with an intelligent circuit to prevent accidents due to overcharging.with UN38.3 certificate. Quality assurance.

Use imported 3M transparent double adhesive tape to make sure each paper can be pasted tightly together. Strong corrugated carton box + buffer packing materials ensure the safe shipping before you got the video business cards parcel.

We focus on providing higher and higher quality video greeting card with most cost effective price. But we never ever produce the low quality video greeting card only to get your order. We endorse our good reputation of video greeting card area, so we can promise if any defective of the video brochures when you receive it, we support refund directly or resend the good one to you. Of course we will handle the shipping cost by our own. The reason why we can promise it is that we only use brand new and grade A quality raw material. If our fault,why do you need to pay for it.

If you want to contrast the price between us and your local supplier, we are very happy to tell you something about it.

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