video brochures Dubai

Video brochure is a new unique innovative promotional gift all over the world unlike other traditional gift like usb flash drive,pen or pvc gift. Video brochure is more unforgettable and attractive, it is newest electronic gift which including printed paper brochure and a lcd screen inside. A prepared video will be uploaded in it of course you can change the video wherever. By the way, when you open the video brochure, it auto-play without any internet or software. It will catch your clients’ attention within 3s. as we know the first expression is much more important.

Such experience seems like a AD shows on TV or the billboard, but come with a more cost effective way. You client could touch it, see it and listen it. Help you get this client in multiple feeling.

The video brochure are very popular in Dubai/UAE?

The answer is absolutely YES. by incorporating video brochures into marketing campaigns, the UAE/Dubai company maintains control of the brand.

A Exquisitely prepared video is displayed in the best way they choose Show off their brand. In addition, by adding a impressive package to the printed video brochure make company has more sales opportunities. The sales slogan, company contact information and website on it make such promotional video brochures more efficient.

Dubai/UAE Salesman can send the video brochure potential customers.It allows them to listen more and gives them a chance to spend less time on potential customers. As we mentioned earlier, customers may not remember too much What the salespeople say cause they are not only meet with only you one salesperson, but they’ll remember more about what salespeople sell after experiencing video brochure. In addition, when salespeople who gave them a video brochure, when they need the product you selling, they will pick up the video brochure to review, they will come back to you for order without spend too much time to know your company, cause the video brochure have told them very details about you.

Definitely the video brochure will boost your company a lot anyway. When your clients receive a video brochure and a promotional pen from other company, if it was you, which company you will choose? Of cause the one who sent you a video brochure. Cause it is much expensive than a very cheap pen, Who would like to spend the money on their clients, who will get the business. The client thought your company treat them as a valuable client.

The video brochures is the best digital marketing gift in Dubai/UAE!

Video brochures are the most advanced marketing tools that can be used in different ways.

The video manual presents the information in the most efficient way-through the powerful features of the video.

They are very impressed. Companies use them for sales, fundraising, education, training, recruitment, branding and many other business purposes around the world.

They are easily distributed to the intended recipients and are considered to be the most dynamic and compelling tool needed to give your company an edge.

Research shows that people think they can be maintained, which means they are not thrown away like many marketing works, and they are often shared between colleagues and decision makers. In fact, people usually watch in droves because they are so cool and unique.

Get Video brochures from most affordable company-M& M Tech

M&M Tech provide most cost-effective video brochure to all over the world. Why can you choose us as your supplier? Cause we are the original video brochure factory from Shenzhen over 10 years, focus on offering the highest quality video brochure. The quality is most important thing we are care about.

Of course you can check the price or sample quality from local trading company, there are very high price. They imported the video brochure from China also, of course the China factory will get the profit from the order, they also pay for the custom fee and shipping cost, with the profit they get from you. Every detailed cost become a very high price. If any defective, the local company spends a lot of time to return it. Why do you spend much time and cost from local store?

The international shipping is very popular now, about 3~4 working days you can get the parcels from China to America, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Europe and everywhere. Normally less than 500pcs order we can make it done within a week. It means that you will get the order within less 2 weeks. But if you order from local store, i thought it cost more than 3 weeks.

Cause our strict quality control of video brochure, we can promise if any defective when you receive the parcel, we can refund or resent the good one to you directly. We don’t want to waste your time and cost.

By the way, before mass production, we will produce a physical sample with logo for first confirming, after your approval then move on the mass production, to make sure that we produce is what you really need. Of course this sample is for free.

If you would like to check how can we guarantee high quality video brochure pls check here to have a look.

We are very happy to help you if you have any questions about the video brochure. The FAQS will help you a lot for sure. Contact us via [email protected] to have a one to one personal customer service now.