One of the biggest benefits of using video manuals is that they can help companies become more memorable. In fact, they cannot be ignored, and when the intended recipient receives the message, the sender separates himself from the competitor almost immediately.

In addition, the biggest impact of the video brochure is the time it takes to play the video content. Yes, the video manual is very attractive and impressive. The WOW factors associated with this may not be comparable in marketing. But the video content ultimately provides a “magic touch” that makes the company even more memorable because it combines vision, sound and action to bring more senses. In addition, people like video for a variety of reasons.

Finally, the video manual makes the message even more memorable because people remember more of what they see and hear together. On average, people remember 10 per cent of what they hear, 35 per cent what they see and hear, and more than half of what they see and hear together. The combination of vision, sound and action presented in the video provides better communication than most other forms of marketing.

The video brochure inspires the sales staff and reduces the intimidation of the sales process. Knowing that they can impress potential customers with their skills when trying to make a sale will reduce their stress.

In addition, potential customers usually appreciate the convenience created by video brochures, and when they watch, they will participate and retain more information. When there is a combination of audio and visual, human memories will skyrocket. The normal form of print advertising and audio information will not have such a profound impact.

In addition, from a sales point of view, the video manual provides a way for the company to sell, and the salesperson does not have to be involved in the entire sales process. The video can motivate customers to buy, and can also generate enough interest to help them further promote the sales channel. In fact, customers may be more willing to go this way.

First, before describing the benefits of video marketing products for companies and salespeople, here are 8 tips to make sales easier:

The best salespeople understand their prospects are more interested in what the product or service will do, rather than what the product or service actually is. When consumers buy, they end up paying for the benefits they think they will get.

There is a big difference between the way salespeople think important factors and the way their potential customers think important. People make purchasing decisions based on their own reasons, not the reasons given by the salesperson. Sales staff should understand this concept.

The “hot button” can be described as a compelling reason for the salesperson to send someone to listen to them. Through research, a hot button can be determined before a salesperson interacts with a potential customer for the first time. In the end, it can truly become a reason for
a potential customer to choose to buy.

86% of people make purchase decisions based on future expectations. In light of this, the best salespeople are very good at helping potential customers imagine what they would like by using any product they sell, and there is a reason for this.

Before attracting potential customers, salespeople can imagine their potential customers wanting them to provide something that will help them reduce their workload and/or become more successful.

Once the salesperson verbally analyzes the biggest challenge of the potential customer, it will focus more on it and lead the potential customer to be more interested in solving it. Sometimes, stronger motivators associated with the pursuit of happiness reduce pain.

Face-to-face conversations often present the perfect time to share success stories and testimonies. Salespeople should make sure their stories are credible and be prepared to share them every time they have a chance. A more famous proverb in sales is “Fact telling, story selling”.
Sales staff always remain honest, friendly and positive, because people are attracted by joy and happiness, but rejected by negative emotions, which is vital.