The video brochure sounds exactly like this — a classic printed brochure with a thin, high-quality video screen. Their design is customized to promote the company’s brand, while the video screen adds digital content to make the message more memorable.

When the video brochure is opened, the inside of the video will re-engage the audience, just like a TV commercial.

Consumers all over the world are spending more and more time online. In addition, people prefer to watch video content instead of reading text or watching images without movement or accompanying sound.

This change in consumer behavior has caused well-known marketers to change the way they approach potential customers.

Both companies and consumers benefit from video because they can use better strategies for many different purposes.+

Both companies and consumers benefit from video because they can use better strategies for many different purposes.

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New products: Highlighting products on the display at the point of purchase will help consumers more easily focus on competitors’ products. This is especially useful when launching new products.

Seasonal promotions: Holiday decorations, barbecue essentials, fireworks, sunscreen and tanning oil, beach accessories, snow shovel, melting ice, sports equipment, Super Bowl party snacks, and items that make good Christmas gifts often affect consumers’ purchasing decisions .

Free goods: When products compliment each other, the point of purchase display will easily promote them together. For example, chips with dipping, shampoo with conditioner, razor with shaving gel, and crayons with coloring books tend to sell well together.

According to video marketing trends and statistics, people respond better to video content. In response, Hyundai companies now regularly use video for various business practices, such as training and incentives, and they are also increasing the amount of video they use in marketing. The feedback shows that they have reaped huge benefits and their employees are happy about it.

Having said that, print marketing is still a successful way for companies to promote themselves and sell products or services. However, in order to reach the interest of the target audience and attract their attention, combining printing with video content, such as video brochures, has proven to be very effective.