There are thousand kinds of video brochure company in internet, choosing one appropriate for your business will be much easier once you know exactly what kind of video brochure you want to buy and which type of supplier you need to buy from. Following is something you should consider about.

Before you find a video brochure supplier, you should know what kinds of video brochure you exact want? You can get support from us, click here to get rush help. Also you can check the FAQ to learn more about the video brochure.

Screen size: 2.4/4.3/5.0/7.0/10.0inch available

Brochure size: A4/A5/A6 or custom size

Memory: 128mb/256mb/512mb/1gb/2gb/4gb/8gb/16gb

Buttons: Play/Pause, Previous/Next, Forward/Backward/, Volume Up/Volume Down, Video 1/Video 2 …..

By the way pls make sure

  1. Did you finish the video content?
  2. Did you finish the video brochure design? If not, click here to ask our team to give you one video brochure template for designing.

Find A 100% real manufacturer

A reliable video brochure manufacturer with rich experience will support your order a lot, they know every details about the video brochure including the electronic components, printing and other technical thing. Once your find the quality problem of video brochure, just contact them, they can reply you at the first time and let you know how to figure it out. They manufacturer have excellent equipment for production including printing, performance testing and aging. Which is the essential factory that can provide the premium quality video brochure.

Especially you need to find a video brochure factory from China, Most of video brochures all over the world are manufactured in China. In fact, according to statistics, manufacturing in China can help reduce costs by 30% to 80%, depending on labor intensity of production, much lower than developed country like USA, Canada, Dubai and Australia. As we know that China is a developing country, the low labor cost, low material cost and broad market, Access to affordable raw materials helps bring down manufacturing costs to a considerable extent, make sure the reasonable price. If you get from trading company, of course they will get profit(about 20~30%) from such business, The video brochure cost is more than twice as expensive to get from China video brochure factory as that.

At this moment, over 200 experienced workers are work for M&M now, 10 production lines to make your order, 2 of them are only work for the urgent order. Over 10K/pcs we can produce per day.Your order can be done perfectly here without any worries.

The On time production

No matter do you need need it urgently or not, you should make sure that the factory can provide the on time production. If you choose the high end brochure supplier from local trading company, at least it needs more than 3 weeks including the shipping. Choosing a brochure supplier from China directly which save a lot of your time. Cause they can ship it to you directly.

The responsible video card marketing manufacturer will give you a exact production time, you only confirm the order details like printing, capacity and videos, after that you can do your own work. The manufacturer will take care rest of the thing. A tracking number for reference is available. To guarantee you can know the status of your order.

Business should be clear, that means everything should be under your control, we never cheat our client even order delay. If delay, will let our client know it at this first time, promise at least USD20.00/day refund as compensation. If you are our repeat client, of course we can leave your compensation in next order, deduct it in total cost directly.

Best Quality

You must find a video brochure manufacturer can provide you the best quality video brochure, pls dont choose some trading company or small factory cause their low price. Low price equal to low quality. If you use the video brochure as a invitation or promotional gift, once your client get it with defective, it destroy your business directly. Nobody want to work with the company provide the low quality product. The first expression is very important.

Maybe the mini lcd screens video brochure is nice when you get it. But after times use, there comes the problems of the video brochure, you will ask the supplier about it, Normally, they will ask your send it back to change, but it spend too much cost and time, time is money. We are very strict with the quality, Any defective, our company promise refund it directly, or send the new one in next order. You dont need to send it back. We trust each of our client.

To guarantee what we produce is what you need, samples for testing the quality is available, of course it is free for you. If you work with us firs time, get sample for checking is necessary. The sample quality is acceptable,then we can do some business, our business with your isn’t one time business. And the key point is the premium quality, only high quality video brochure can bring us more business.

Here is the testing process of the video brochure for reference pls kindly check it.

  1. Send layout for clients’ approval (We make the layout based on clients’ artwork or clients provide layout based on our template)
  2. Send digital printing sample for clients’ approval, to make sure logos, texts, fonts, colors, images all correct.
  3. IQC:
  • Battery: Quality A and MSDS certificated batteries, 100% aging, aging time depends on capacity.
  • Speakers: stable and no chaos
  • Screen: Quality A and brand new screens, 100% 48 hours + aging, to make sure screens no bug, black screen, or flash back
  • PCB: soldering, printing, surface
  • Paper card: Material, printing same as order request and compatible with digital printing sample, includingfilm / epoxy / CMYK / spot color / hot stamp and so on.
  • EVA die-cut same as order requested
  1. Half-finished products QC
  • Pre-load video same as order requested. if video re-edited, send final re-edited video effectfor clients approval in advance
  • Functionbuttons works well and same as order requested.
  • Function buttons locate right location as order requested.
  • Whole half-finished products work well.
  1. Finished products QC
  • Paper mounting nice and correct, details no missing or wrong location.

Clean finish

  • Screens nice, no damage, no scratch, clean and work well
  • All functions works well as order requested.
  1. Packing
  • Individual packingas order requested, clean and tidy.
  • Carton box: Strong corrugatedcarton box + buffer packing materials
  • Shipping mark if any.

Aftersale service

Your order is not end up when you receive the goods, your supplier should provide the warranty for your order, If defective, refund directly, if your supplier stop contacting with you when you get the goods, definitely you can not do any business with them anymore. The real nice business is life time service. During you use the video brochure, it should have lot of questions like how can you load the video? Why does the video brochure not work? Pls dont hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions. We know you need to confirm every detail of the order, do the correct thing save the time and money.

Success depends on more than just a great product or service. Your branding is your core. It is your first impression to your clients and customers. It’s going to be what people associate with your business. Why skimp on that? We will work with you to help you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Down to every last pixel, we’ll make it come alive. Through our expertise and the best design principles, we will take all of the science and research and transform it into an awesome, multi-dimensional experience. We are proud of our after sales service which ensures that in the rare case of any product defects we swiftly get into action to replace units to avoid any downtime.

We’ve helped our clients cut their costs in half when they’ve included us in the design process from the very beginning.Right from the beginning, we tailor design to be functional and cost effective. We know how to save money for our clients on materials, printing, and mailing. We’ve helped countless businesses and purchasing departments reduce their promotional budgets by thousands of dollars.

Innovation, When clients work with our design team, they don’t waste time on unattainable ideas. Instead, we focus on providing clients with the information and innovation necessary to have their concepts become reality so they receive a product in the end that satisfies their needs and makes them look good in the eyes of their customers.

We’ve created countless Video Brochures, Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays), but it is likely that we’ve never seen anything quite like what you have in mind for your next promotional campaign. No need to worry though! We excel at providing custom media and solutions for even the most challenging projects and circumstances!

We have the best in the industry working with M&M, from print & packaging professionals to electronic experts. We have produced massive amounts of video marketing products for leading fortune 500 companies. Each step of the build is a tailor made strategy depending on the industry, the end client, the location and the creative adaptations to latest marketing trends. It’s just brilliant, exciting and keeps us engaged at all levels of the process. We certainly possess the skills and experience to turbo charge any kind of marketing or promotions you can throw at us!

The best way to find a real video brochure manufacturer in China is to visit it, you can check everything in factory, Factory tours give you a chance to have questions answered directly by factory personnel. The manufacturer gleans deeper insight into customer needs which can cause product changes and innovation.If a picture is worth 1000 words, the experience of seeing and touching a product is worth more than a thousand discussion while looking at an actual unit, can be very powerful when it comes to having a better understanding.

Welcome to our video brochure factory. Contact us at call or email us on [email protected].

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