video greeting card

Before we go, we can show you that we are real video greeting card factory in Shenzhen, seeing is believing, all of our workers must pass the working test before before an official worker, we have several kinds of training course to help them familiar with their work including raw material testing, safety and so on, you guys can check the picture as below or go to About US have a detailed look.

The highlight parts is about how do we control the quality the different components of video greeting card.

Paper of video greeting card

Unlike other vendors who use 300g art paper to save the cost, we only use 400g art-paper even it is little big high cost, but it is stronger, not easy to tear open, Especially not easy to be destroyed during shipping.

Frame of video greeting card

We are very happy if you can get our sample for testing the quality and tear it out to check what’s difference inside. Most of supplier choose standard EVA foam to fix the video brochure components. But it is too soft, can be extruded, deformation and damage. Faced with such situation, our engineer choose the 3 in 1 frame, 1 eva foam + 1 Wood + 1 eva foam. Very strong and fix the components well. Only use imported 3M self-adhesive tape to guarantee it adhesive with the paper well.

Screen of video greeting card

The biggest price difference of the video brochure is the screen. Some supplier use the dark screen to save the cost in order to get more clients, it is cheaper about USD3.00~USD6.00 than M&M Tech good quality bright screen. When you get the video brochure with dark scren at the first time, it works well, after 4~7 weeks, there comes the problems. The screen covered with blue color. Avoiding such situation, the video screen undergoes 48 hours aging testing before production. The finished product will go through more than 4 hours aging twice to make sure that the screen is good.

Battery of video greeting card

We also collect some samples from different domestic supplier, we are very surprised that they still use the low quality blue battery now. It is without any safety protection, overcharge and discharge control which is very dangerous. Our li-lon polymer battery with MSDS certificate. Can support more than 2 hours continue display over 500~600 times. The finished video greeting card with battery must go through 4 hours twice aging testing.

Surface of video greeting card

The first impression is very important when you give the video greeting card to your valuable clients. If the surface is scratched or blur, it destroy your business for an instant. As it is easy to be scratched when we assembly it, so we always print extra at least 30% paper cards of the order. Some small factory only produce 5% extra quantity even 1%. Our production’s request is that each video greeting card must be nice, no scratches,no damage, clean.

You also can check “The Checklist of Video Brochure” to learn more about how can we control the video greeting card quality.

We guarantee the best quality

We focus on providing higher and higher quality video greeting card with most cost effective price. But we never ever produce the low quality video greeting card only to get your order. We endorse our good reputation of video greeting card area, so we can promise if any defective of the video brochures when you receive it, we support refund directly or resend the good one to you. Of course we will handle the shipping cost by our own. The reason why we can promise it is that we only use brand new and grade A quality raw material. If our fault,why do you need to pay for it.

If you want to contrast the price between us and your local supplier, we are very happy to tell you something about it.

Now, contact us to get a free sample for testing it by yourself.