video brochure card


  1. What is the screen size for option?

A: 2.4”,4.3”, 5.0” ,7.0”, 10.1”.

  1. Can we upload the videos by ourselves?

A: Yes.

  • Option 1: connect it with computer by usb cable and copy your video into it.
  • Option 2: add a USB port in the video brochure, plug USB into video brochure, it will replace the video automatically. (available with extra cost)

*Note: cannot add USB port for panoramic video brochure

  1. Can we delete the preloaded videos?

A: Yes.

  1. Can you make the preloaded video undeletablemeanwhile we can up-load extra video in the rest of capacity?

A: Yes. (*Note:the file can be deleted again if you want. Just let us know before production. We revise the setting for you and show you how to change it.)

  1. What is the material of the paper?

A: The standard material is 400g art paper, and the cover is 400g mounted art-paper. 1500gsm hardcover is available with extra cost. Feel free to let us know if you want to make the product with other material.

  1. What product size is available?

A: A4、A5、A6 paper size,name card size,and customized size.

  1. Whats the packing for video brochure

A: Peal cotton bag is included. Customized packing is available with extra cost.

  1. Could we do it with touch screen?

A: Yes, touch screen is available with extra cost.

  1. What are thefunction buttons we can set up?

A: ON/OFF button; Volume Up/Down; forward/ backward; video1/ video2; Play/Pause etc. Upon requirement, maximum 6 buttons.

  1. What is the printing method? Can it be CMYK printing?

A: Yes, we can do CMYK, UV and silk screen printing.

  1. How to charge battery?

A: Option 1: Connect video brochure and computer by a USB cable to charge battery.

Option 2: Connect 5V1A power adapter.

  1. Whats the max capacity for video brochure?

A: Maximum 16GB. Capacity is available from 128M to16GB.

  1. Is it color full screen?

A: Yes

  1. Whats the resolution of screen?

A: Screen resolution varies from screen size

  1. Isthe video brochure rechargeable?

A: Yes

  1. Canwe set the video in repeat play mode?

A: Yes

  1. Could we up-load both video and picture?

A: Yes

  1. Whats the video format?


  1. Could we customize the formof video brochure?

A: Yes, please send over artwork for us to check cost for you.

  1. Canwe do the video brochure by FSC paper?

A: Yes, it available with extra cost.

  1. Whats the MOQ?

A: MOQ50

  1. Canyou uselarger battery?

A: Yes. Please be noted that the product size will become bigger if use larger battery.

  1. What is sample production time?

A: Sample production time varies from printing methods. Please send over detailed request to check specific time needed.

  1. What is the mass productionperiod

A: It depends on printing method, quantity…etc.

  1. Canyou send over FOB cost for 100pcs?

A: Yes. But since the measurement for 100pcs is small, the handling fee will be relatively high. We suggest using EXW instead of FOB to save your cost.

  1. 26. S code?

A: 854370990.

  1. 27. How long is the warranty?

A: One year.

  1. Do you have after-sales service?

A: 7-day money back guarantee; free technology support, etc

  1. 29. Does video brochures have CE and RoHs certificates?

A: Yes, they have CE, ROHS cert as well as MSDS report.

  1. 30. Why the screen is blurred?

A: Please check if user has teared off the protective film.

  1. 31. How to ship the goods?

A: We can help to ship by air, sea or express by our shipping agent. Shipping by customer’s own shipper is also possible. Please be noted that video brochures have built-in battery.

  1. If we have three videos need to be up-loaded, should we need more buttons to control the playingof videos?

A: There are two options:

  • No control buttons: three videos will continuouslyplay in order, or video brochure will automatically power off after third videos ends.
  • Add control buttons: three customized buttons to control correspondingvideo 1, video2, Video 3; two buttons Next video/Previous video to control.
  1. 33.Canwe have video brochure with touch screen no matter how big the screen size is?

A: It support screen size of 5 inch or above only.

  1. 34. Canwe have video brochure with human body sensor no matter how big the screen size is?

A: Yes, it supports all screen sizes.

  1. Canwe havevideo brochure with function to view picture in 360 degree no matter how big the screen size is?

A: It supports 7-inch screen size only for the time being.

  1. 36. How often do the stored imagesswitch in the video brochure?

A: Images will be switched every 3-4s, and the switching speed can be customized.

  1. Can images mix playwith videos?

A: Yes, images and videos can do mixed playing. For example, firstly play videos then images, or images then videos. Please mark your requirements in the PO.

  1. Video brochurecharging interface is Android Micro USB. Can Android OTG USB be used to transfer data?

A: Yes, we can use OTG USB drive to transfer data. Please remark in it the PO since we need adjust the system.

  1. Canwe transfer data to video brochure no matter it is on or off?

A: Yes, data can be transferred in both on/off mode.

  1. Besides Android and Micro USB charging, can we also haveType C interface?

A: It can’t support Type C interface so far. However, we can develop it if the order quantity is sufficient.

  1. Does video brochure have fast charge or wireless charge function?

A: Not yet, but they are underway.

  1. Is the screen of video brochure water-proof?

A: Not yet, but they are underway