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We are very happy to help, here is the list of some frequenly asked and answered for reference. If you can not find what are you looking for, freely to message us

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Video brochures card

What is the video brochures card?
Video brochure are attention-grabbing, state-of-the-art and exceptionally effective for most companies who use it. An unforgottable marketing tool that combines audio, video, and print. No internet needed, open then auto-play your video message instantaneously. For more details you can check it” HERE”

What is it costs?

lcd video brochure’s prices will be different with different sizes, printing and memory size,etc.Get in touch with us and we will guide you through quantity pricing, as well as the available print & electronic options.

What is MOQ?
Sample order is acceptable, MOQ is 50pcs. but we would like to help more clients. If you only need 10pcs, it is ok. we believe in that your order will be 1000pcs in near future, Be postive 🙂

Artwork & Design

How can i make the design?
M&M can help you throughout all stages of design, video, production, print & supply. M&M has its own design team which is able to deliver stunning graphic design services and video production for lcd video brochure.

Can i design it by self?
Free to contact us to get a template for designing, and our team will double  check the artwork for you.

Where can i put the buttons?
You can draw it anywere on the brochure, our artists always be your back to guide you.

Pantone OR colour Mataching?
Unless otherwise specified, all products are printed with a full colour CMYK process and, as with any full colour work, colour matchingis not guaranteed. Please note that, through the full colour print process, print colour may vary from print to print, stock to stock,front to back, and first product of the run to the last product of the run. This is a natural, unavoidable aspect of full colour print.
For specific Pantone, PMS, additional charges will apply.


How many buttons can I have?
5 buttons normally if the card size over A5 paper. The buttons include Play/Pause, Volumer up and down and Previous/Next. If you need buttons which is available. Extra cost needed.

Can I load pictures?
Yes, pls advise it in advance when you order. we can set up the format.

What is the format of the video?
MP4/AVI/FLV are available. Alsoyou can send us the video then we transform the right format for you.

What kinds of buttons can I have with video brochures card?
Example button types include: Play/Pause, Volume Up (v+), Volume Down (v-), Skip Forward, Skip Back and ON/OFF. If you need the buttons with different video, it is acceptable.Something special requestes you can have a further talk with us directly.

How many videos can I have?
Depending upon the screen size you can have as many as six videos, as long as they fit within your selected memory.

What is the memory size?
128MB~16Gb for optional, For 2.4inch, 128mb is ok. 4.3~7.0inch we recommend 256MB capacity. 10inch with 512MB. Of course you can choose any memory if you wish.

Screen and Card size

Which video screen sizes  you offer?
M&M Tech provide a wide range of video brochures screen:
2.4″ LCD/TFT Screen.
4.3″,, 5.0″, 7.0″, 10.1” – Lcd or HD IPS screen.
Touch screen and VR 360 degree screen are available if you need.

How about the card size?
Name card size(90*50mm) for 2.4inch, A5 and A4 are available for 4.3inch~10.1inch. Some clients have a custom size which is acceptable. Even you need to custom a different card shape video card, we can do it.

Do you have 360 degree viewing screen?
Yes, of course, we offer the HD IPS screen,  you can see the video very clear in different angles, well noted that the HD screen cost is more expensive than normal LCD screen brochures.

May i have the video screen in a landscape or portrait cards?
Yes, both of them are available, well noted that 10.1inch only fix in a A4 Landscape card or custom size card.

I want to assemply the components in my product by self, Can I?
We have video brochures module, you can make it by your own, also we prvide the technical service help you make your project perfect.


How many days you will finish my order?
1~2 days for sample order after order confirmed. less than 500pcs we can make it done within a week, cause we are original video brochure manufacturer in China, everything under your control. Urgent order welcome. M&M Tech is your personal factory.

Could you show us a sample before mass production?
Unlike other supplier, we know that doing the right thing can save the time and money, no matter what is the quantity of the order, we always produce a sample with logo for double confirming, no extra cost needed, after getting your approval, then move to mass order production.

Can i have a physical printed sample in hand?
Yes, but you need to pay for the sample cost and shipping cost. Of course sample cost is refundable when you order from us.

Can you ship it to my country?
Yes,  no matter where you are, our shipping agent can handle it, Ususally we ship it by DHL/USD/FEDEX/TNT, very fast service, only need 3~5 days you will receive the parcel.We are vip client of shipping agent, you order can be picked up in advance.

Video upload

How can i upload the video?
Generally, we will upload your content during assembly. Should your content not be available during this time, then you can easily  upload the content yourself by use of the supplied USB cable & connecting to your PC or MAC.
IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the video upload, please ensure you eject the drive via the Safely Remove Hardware optionin the system tray of your PC or MAC. If you simply pull an external drive out of a running computer, you might lose files, crash applications, or, even crash the video brochure.

Can the videos be locked?
Yes, video can be loacked in our factory, well noted if it is locked, you can not change it anymore. BTW, video locked is free service.

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Video Brochure/Box make your company great

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95% OF THE SUPPLIERS IN THIS INDUSTRY SUPPLY KNOCK OFFS Quality in this industry over the past few years has deteriorated due to cost cutting measures implemented by most manufacturers in the market place to-date. Maybe other vendors who become complacent after dealing with you a few months, M&M Tech is constantly on the honeymoon phase with all clients as we recognize it just takes one botched project to tarnish a relationship. We look after every order and every client exactly the same way for years to come. Check how can we guarantee the very good quality during production, we can not guarantee we are lowest price in the market, but we can 100% make sure that our video brochure quality is best. After video brochure artwork finished, the first step is to print the paper, and cut it individually, normally if you order 500pcs, we will print 10% extra in case of some defective printing. [...]

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Why you company should use a video brochure for maketing?

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Just like a custom video brochure, m&m Tech Video brochure allows users to harness the power of video.The m&m Tech Video brochure can be easily customized after receiving the logo, contact information and image space (please click here for instructions). In addition, video content can be changed quickly and easily like a custom video brochure.The m&m Tech version can be purchased in any quantity at the same low price.They attract attention, impress recipients, provide people with an excellent way to store and share videos, and deliver information in unforgettable ways.Just like custom video manuals, when people open them, they immediately receive welcomes like TV commercials or elegant video players.In the digital age, we live and people like video. They are a way of learning for many people. Consumers want videos to be available at all times. They want to know about the products or services they are considering buying. In addition, people also like to make and share videos for [...]

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