711, 2020

What is video direct mail ?

November 7th, 2020|0 Comments

In the digital world we live in, video brochures have become an excellent way to increase sales. They are very effective because they can stimulate more senses, arouse more emotions, and they can effectively establish a connection between the company and the audience. You, like many other business owners, spend a lot of money on videos, but don’t know how to get them to watch the "right" people. Or, do you already know how video marketing is performing and just want to position yourself in the best way to get the best results. Or, do you fully understand that consumers do look for videos when they buy products, services or business opportunities, and you know that [...]

611, 2020

Benz, Audi, BMW choose our Video books

November 6th, 2020|0 Comments

Video is the new king of marketing. It provides viewers with visual impact, simplicity and immediacy. It also requires less effort to watch while attracting more senses, which improves its effectiveness and people enjoy the video. The video books  combines traditional print marketing with the power of video to provide one of the greatest marketing tools ever. They are enticing, impressive, dynamic, and frankly-super cool. If you have ever held one, you fully understand what I mean. Unlike other media platforms, video email senders can put the video directly in the hands of target potential customers. When placed on a website or included in an email, there is no guarantee that people will actually watch the [...]

411, 2020

Video in Print help your business

November 4th, 2020|0 Comments

Interestingly, the video in print  gives recipients the kind of excitement they might feel when they were kids on their favorite TV show. The combination of traditional print advertising and new era video presentations has tripled the appeal of most other marketing strategies, and we are very pleased with the results we get from the customers who use them. Unlike other media platforms, video in print has the ability to put video directly into the hands of the target customer. When placed on a website or included in an e-mail message, there is no guarantee that people will actually watch the video sent to them. However, even if video in email does not have the ability [...]

311, 2020

Video booklet – A successful Maketing Tool

November 3rd, 2020|0 Comments

Many videos are also fun, time-saving, and more effective in telling stories, creating brand recognition and building relationships than motionless phrases or images. Videos attract and attract attention. They also give humans more senses and make it easier for the audience to remember your information. Due to its versatility and effectiveness, companies are increasingly using videos and video manuals for sales, advertising, marketing, brand promotion, recruitment, training, incentives, fundraising, entertainment and sharing recommendations. Research shows that people prefer to watch videos rather than read, and videos are actually more common than business meetings. In today's world, videos seem to be everywhere, and using them is an excellent way to solve many major business problems. If you [...]

211, 2020

The video box feels like a gift to the recipient

November 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

When you receive the video box, it feels like a gift. This is hard to ignore, impossible to resist, and effectively provides companies with a new age way to show off the best they offer. As a result, their samples get more attention, their company becomes more memorable, and it creates momentum for their sales staff to complete more transactions. Combining video with printed marketing and/or product examples can improve marketing efficiency. There is no doubt that video content is beneficial to consumers and always brings positive ROI to companies that use video content. In addition, video marketing is an upward trend and there is no sign of slowing down. Consumers believe that companies using video [...]

2409, 2020

The value of video brochure business card

September 24th, 2020|Comments Off on The value of video brochure business card

In the eyes of modern consumers, video is elegant and attracting attention. They would rather study less, watch more, work less, feel more, spend less and spend more. Through video, they can accomplish all of this. For salespeople, having the most advanced sales tools can make them feel more confident and relaxed. video brochure business card usually make them talk less and listen more, which is appreciated by potential buyers. In addition, the video attracts more senses to the audience and allows products and services to be sold without the participation of sales staff throughout the process. Consumers are attracted by video and reportedly believe that companies that use video to convey information know how to [...]

1109, 2020

M&M Tech digital lcd brochure help gain customers

September 11th, 2020|Comments Off on M&M Tech digital lcd brochure help gain customers

Something you need to know about digital lcd Brochure We don't want to limit how customers handle marketing products they buy from us, so we don't lock video content on them. This allows our customers to change video content at any time, and the process is simple. Digital lcd brochure Screen size does not affect ROI. In all the years we've been in the industry, we haven't encountered any data that indicates whether screen size affects ROI. The most important thing is to understand the needs and needs of your target audience, and then design a beautiful-looking video marketing product to help them achieve their goals. Regarding memory, video length and screen size are the biggest [...]

2408, 2020

The value of video brochure mailer

August 24th, 2020|Comments Off on The value of video brochure mailer

The video brochure sounds exactly like this — a classic printed brochure with a thin, high-quality video screen. Their design is customized to promote the company's brand, while the video screen adds digital content to make the message more memorable. When the video brochure is opened, the inside of the video will re-engage the audience, just like a TV commercial. Consumers all over the world are spending more and more time online. In addition, people prefer to watch video content instead of reading text or watching images without movement or accompanying sound. This change in consumer behavior has caused well-known marketers to change the way they approach potential customers. Both companies and consumers benefit from video [...]

2108, 2020

Why do you need a video brochure for marketing?

August 21st, 2020|Comments Off on Why do you need a video brochure for marketing?

m&m video brochures allows users to use the power of video while allowing them to store and share personal videos in a more elegant and fancy way.In the marketing field, video brochures are everywhere. In order to stand out from the competition, they are an outstanding choice for companies of any size. There are not many marketing strategies that can restore such an excellent return on investment. They help companies through marketing noise and their most likely customers are constantly bombarded. In their personal lives, people like to record and share videos as a way to relive exciting moments and special occasions. They also like to make and share videos about personal interests and entertainment matters. [...]

2108, 2020

Video Brochure/Box make your company great

August 21st, 2020|Comments Off on Video Brochure/Box make your company great

One of the biggest benefits of using video manuals is that they can help companies become more memorable. In fact, they cannot be ignored, and when the intended recipient receives the message, the sender separates himself from the competitor almost immediately. In addition, the biggest impact of the video brochure is the time it takes to play the video content. Yes, the video manual is very attractive and impressive. The WOW factors associated with this may not be comparable in marketing. But the video content ultimately provides a "magic touch" that makes the company even more memorable because it combines vision, sound and action to bring more senses. In addition, people like video for a variety [...]

1507, 2020

China Video Brochure Production Processes

July 15th, 2020|Comments Off on China Video Brochure Production Processes

95% OF THE SUPPLIERS IN THIS INDUSTRY SUPPLY KNOCK OFFS Quality in this industry over the past few years has deteriorated due to cost cutting measures implemented by most manufacturers in the market place to-date. Maybe other vendors who become complacent after dealing with you a few months, M&M Tech is constantly on the honeymoon phase with all clients as we recognize it just takes one botched project to tarnish a relationship. We look after every order and every client exactly the same way for years to come. Check how can we guarantee the very good quality during production, we can not guarantee we are lowest price in the market, but we can 100% make sure that [...]

1507, 2020

Why you company should use a video brochure for maketing?

July 15th, 2020|Comments Off on Why you company should use a video brochure for maketing?

Just like a custom video brochure, m&m Tech Video brochure allows users to harness the power of video.The m&m Tech Video brochure can be easily customized after receiving the logo, contact information and image space (please click here for instructions). In addition, video content can be changed quickly and easily like a custom video brochure.The m&m Tech version can be purchased in any quantity at the same low price.They attract attention, impress recipients, provide people with an excellent way to store and share videos, and deliver information in unforgettable ways.Just like custom video manuals, when people open them, they immediately receive welcomes like TV commercials or elegant video players.In the digital age, we live and people like [...]

1505, 2020

The keywords to help you search video brochure

May 15th, 2020|Comments Off on The keywords to help you search video brochure

video brochurecustom video brochurevideo brochure pricesvideo brochure cardlcd video brochurevideo brochure costvideo brochure manufacturer4.3 inch video brochurevideo game brochurevideo settlement brochurec class video brochuremaserati video brochurevideo brochure singaporevideo brochure factoryvideo brochure pricingvideo brochure costsvideo brochure modulevideo brochure usavideo brochure hackdigital video brochurewhat is a video settlement brochurevideo brochure chinavideo brochure designvideo brochure alibabavideo brochure boxreal estate video brochurevideo production brochurevideo brochure ukreprogram video brochurevideo in brochurevideo brochure samplesvideo brochure componentsvideo brochure dubaivideo in print brochurewedding video brochurelcd video brochure cardvideo brochure australiamediafast video brochurevideo brochure bookletvideo card brochurevideo brochure samplevideo brochure canadazurvita video brochurevideo brochure manufacturer in mumbaivideo brochure productsvideo surveillance brochureaudiovisual video conferencing brochure samplesvideo of using word to do brochureaudio video [...]

1505, 2020

A video brochure to boost your business

May 15th, 2020|Comments Off on A video brochure to boost your business

Firstly, we need to learn about what is a video brochure? A video brochure is a physical cardboard (often folded) that combines audio, video, and print. Some times it can be hardcover, plastic and anything you need. You can call it as video brochure, video card, video greeting card, video box, video mailer,video booklet, video book and so on. What is the magic of video? Compared with text, video has visual impact and can be implanted into people's mind. This is the difference between reading novels and watching TV. When watching videos, people's mood will be relaxed, which is also a great advantage of short videos. Moreover, it can convey the brand [...]

1007, 2019

Why are video brochures so successful?

July 10th, 2019|Comments Off on Why are video brochures so successful?

video brochure First and foremost, the affect of videos is so much more impactful on viewers compared to when they look at still images or read words. Combining sight, sound and motion with physical touch engages more senses. Studies have shown people retain significantly more when they see and hear something as opposed to when they only see or only hear it. Second, they look impressive and recipients appreciate the convenience they provide. By handing or mailing a video brochure to a targeted recipient, companies can deliver their message in a state-of-the-art way in which the potential customer can experience a presentation at their own convenience. Video brochures are battery operated and do not require an internet connection or the presence of a company representative. [...]

1007, 2019

Where video brochure can be used

July 10th, 2019|Comments Off on Where video brochure can be used

video brochures Video brochure - IT The Information and Communication Technology industry uses all kinds of digital communication to attract and reach new customers and inform them of their unique products and services. With an overload of emails, social website messages, online videos and digital attachments or links to more information, these messages are not seen anymore or even rejected in the avalanche of information that is send to customers' decision makers. The video brochure is the ideal communication tool to give a decision maker the choice to view the information at his time of choice without the need of a PC or tablet. The video brochure also stands out as a personal and innovative non-invasive message, [...]

1007, 2019

FAQs of video brochures card

July 10th, 2019|Comments Off on FAQs of video brochures card

video brochure cardFAQ: What is the screen size for option? A: 2.4'',4.3'', 5.0'' ,7.0'', 10.1''. Can we upload the videos by ourselves? A: Yes. Option 1: connect it with computer by usb cable and copy your video into it. Option 2: add a USB port in the video brochure, plug USB into video brochure, it will replace the video automatically. (available with extra cost) *Note: cannot add USB port for panoramic video brochure Can we delete the preloaded videos? A: Yes. Can you make the preloaded video undeletablemeanwhile we can up-load extra video in the rest of capacity? A: Yes. (*Note:the file can be deleted again if you want. Just let us know before production. We revise [...]

1203, 2019

Video brochures make you more unforgettable in UK/Canada/USA

March 12th, 2019|Comments Off on Video brochures make you more unforgettable in UK/Canada/USA

Video brochures usa uk canadaDid you image how to make your brand/company more memorable in UK/Canada/USA? If not, let us image it now. M&M Tech will make it happen now. Before that, you should learn something about this product--- Video brochures A video brochure is a physical cardboard (often folded) that combines audio, video, and print. Some times it can be hardcover, plastic and anything you need. You can call it as video brochure, video card, video greeting card, video box, video mailer,video booklet, video book and so on. The reason for that is due to the engagement and entertainment of video as a platform. The key to video brochures is that they connect with customers or [...]

2302, 2019

Why video brochures so impactful in UAE/Dubai?

February 23rd, 2019|Comments Off on Why video brochures so impactful in UAE/Dubai?

video brochures DubaiVideo brochure is a new unique innovative promotional gift all over the world unlike other traditional gift like usb flash drive,pen or pvc gift. Video brochure is more unforgettable and attractive, it is newest electronic gift which including printed paper brochure and a lcd screen inside. A prepared video will be uploaded in it of course you can change the video wherever. By the way, when you open the video brochure, it auto-play without any internet or software. It will catch your clients’ attention within 3s. as we know the first expression is much more important. Such experience seems like a AD shows on TV or the billboard, but come with a more cost effective [...]

1402, 2019

How do we guarantee the high quality video greeting card?

February 14th, 2019|Comments Off on How do we guarantee the high quality video greeting card?

video greeting cardBefore we go, we can show you that we are real video greeting card factory in Shenzhen, seeing is believing, all of our workers must pass the working test before before an official worker, we have several kinds of training course to help them familiar with their work including raw material testing, safety and so on, you guys can check the picture as below or go to “About US” have a detailed look. The highlight parts is about how do we control the quality the different components of video greeting card. Paper of video greeting card Unlike other vendors who use 300g art paper to save the cost, we only use 400g art-paper [...]

3001, 2019

20 ways how video brochures boost your business in Australia

January 30th, 2019|Comments Off on 20 ways how video brochures boost your business in Australia

video brochure australiaThe video brochures is a best way for boosting your business in Australia, most of companies choose it as a unique video marketing tool, video become a significant tool to deliver message to clients, so you need a carrier to hold your videos. Following is something successful examples which can explain how does the 4.3 inch video advertising brochure build the great business in Australia. When clients receive a video brochure, just open, no internet needed, watch the videos about your company and products any time anywhere. M&M Tech video brochure is a customized product, some clients use it as a name card but with a video inside instead of the traditional name card. Your [...]

2701, 2019

Ordering video brochure from China NOW

January 27th, 2019|Comments Off on Ordering video brochure from China NOW

As the fast development of global economy, international business become more and more common,thousand of different country clients get video brochure from China, cause it is most cost effective price and premium quality. Some clients are the first time import video brochures from China, maybe you are worrying about something as below. Quality: Of course it is first thing you need to worry about, Quality first. We only produce best quality video brochure.Our confidence due to the strict quality control, the functionality of each motherboard and electronic component is tested. Then each component is put through a more than 4 hours aging test. During assembly, the software and button functionality is tested. We then perform another 3.5 [...]

1701, 2019

How to change the video on video brochure?

January 17th, 2019|Comments Off on How to change the video on video brochure?

You can change the video content by yourself, jut make it as the following instructions. If you need to change the video format, dont hesitate to send your video to our team to transform. VIDEO LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Plug brochure into computer using USB Cable. (it should function similar to a thumb drive or other external memory) Locate new disk on computer (it usually will auto launch depending on your computer setup) Drag desired video file into the disk. Confirm video file name starts with a number “01”, “02”, “03” etc corresponding with the order in which it should play. Delete any unwanted video files Unplug from computer Open brochure to test video function Note: Video files [...]

201, 2019

That will change the way you order video brochure

January 2nd, 2019|Comments Off on That will change the way you order video brochure

Maybe you are sourcing the cheapest price of video brochure from different supplier from China or local company. But we should tell you something about it to help you get the cost-effective video brochures. Also we believe that you can find the cheapest video brochures, Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny, maybe you will not find the quality problem at the first time you got the video brochure. Longer time you use, more problems show. In comparison with quality to cheapest You may be a frugal person, which might mean you look for the best value. However, sometimes you might be cheap, which means sometimes you just buy the cheapest option. There is [...]

2912, 2018

How to choose a high quality video brochure factory directly?

December 29th, 2018|Comments Off on How to choose a high quality video brochure factory directly?

Why the best video brochures come from M&M Tech: M&M Tech is a registered company bases on Shenzhen, China. Over 10 years experience on wholesale branding custom video brochure, OEM and ODM available. Besides, we are no stranger to sourcing project, In order to meet our customers’ expectations, one package service from product selection, design to real product production also available, will introduce why M&M Tech is the best video brochure supplier for you. Experience is the best teacher, and M&M Tech has loads of it. With over 10 years of combined experience in marketing and advertising, the M&M Tech team routinely designs and produces innovative video brochures custom made for clients. They understand sometimes it is necessary [...]