Firstly, we need to learn about what is a video brochure?

A video brochure is a physical cardboard (often folded) that combines audio, video, and print. Some times it can be hardcover, plastic and anything you need.

You can call it as video brochure, video card, video greeting card, video box, video mailer,video booklet, video book and so on.

video brochure

What is the magic of video?

Compared with text, video has visual impact and can be implanted into people’s mind. This is the difference between reading novels and watching TV. When watching videos, people’s mood will be relaxed, which is also a great advantage of short videos. Moreover, it can convey the brand image and product effect more flexibly, which can make people deeply impressed. This is also the most successful way of video marketing

For consumers, video makes it easier for them to consume information without quickly distracting or losing interest. Instead, they are more interesting, so they can influence buying decisions more effectively than when consumers have to read content or listen to audio messages about what they are considering buying.

Great Benefits Provided by A Video Brochures

If your company is trying to make more sales like most, Video Brochures and Video Mailers offer an excellent solution.

1. The video arouses the audience’s emotions, thus increasing people’s interest, entertainment, and motivation to watch and respond

2. Most consumers express their appreciation to the companies that use video for communication

3. After watching the video, 85% of consumers are more likely to buy the goods by a video when they are considering

4. Videos can increase the audience’s trust, because they allow the audience to see them when using products and services under normal circumstances

5. Feedback shows that the audience is more likely to respond to the call words in the video due to emotional excitement

6. Video uses vision, sound and action to help build a stronger connection between the presenter and the audience

7. Video can say and display more content in less time than text or still image

8. In the digital age we live in, most people like to watch videos instead of reading words or still images.

9. It has been proved that video manuals can attract more attention of decision makers than traditional marketing products

10. Decision makers often share video brochure with colleagues and other decision makers who influence their decisions

We guarantee the best quality video brochure and life time warranty service

1. M&M Tech provide lifetime warranty. As far as we know, we are the only company in the industry that provides lifetime warranty for video brochures, which is not limited warranty.

2.M&M Tech don’t lock video content. Although our competitors lock video content in video brochure, if their customers want to change video content, they must order new content, but we do not. In this way, the video brochure purchased from us can be reused. Learn it here: How to change video content on video brochure?

3. M&M Tech only use new components. To ensure the best quality and performance, we use only the new A-class components in all video brochures sold. This makes them more reliable and we have agreements with the factories we work with to keep prices affordable.

4. There is no design template, but none is considered as standard template. Despite popular models, custom design and programming are very popular. We absolutely encourage customization. Our designers are very good at customization.

5. Units can have up to 15 buttons (so far). Although this number may increase, we can make up to 15 buttons in our video brochure. In terms of price, we allow a maximum of 5 buttons without any extra charge. However, if someone wants or needs more, we can pay some extra fees to complete. The most common buttons are play / pause, fast forward, rewind, volume up, volume down, video (which can contain multiple videos, each of which is activated by its own button), skip forward 15 seconds, and skip backward 15 seconds.

6. M&M Tech don’t charge extra. We don’t charge setup fees or surcharges. Our offer includes all the expenses that customers need to pay to get our video manual. For example, we don’t charge for loading video content, nor for extra charges for multiple buttons (up to five).

We understand that variables exist. The needs and requirements of customers are different. Not everyone wants or needs the same standard video manual. Because there are many kinds of screen size, memory size, quantity, battery strength, button function, button function, video length and looking for printed content, we choose not to make assumptions. Instead, after we know exactly how customers plan to use their video manuals and what they want to include, they will choose design and other variables with our help.

7. Screen size does not affect ROI. In all of the years we sold the video brochure, we haven’t found any data that shows that screen size helps or hurts ROI.

8. M&M Tech don’t have a minimum order. As far as we know, many of our competitors will only accept orders with a minimum order quantity of 100. For us, order the best order. We’ve learned that sometimes companies want to use prototypes as demonstrations first, and we’re happy to tailor them. Then they can tell us if we are ready to order more.

In fact, companies that are using video brochures are gaining huge amounts of praise and recognition. Clients can’t help but watch them again and again, and CEOs have been known to steal them from employees’ desks!

But the fun doesn’t stop with prospects and clients. Video brochures are a versatile and creative way to attract vendors, employees and other associates to your business too.

With video brochures, you can achieve fantastic results with pitches, direct mailers, magazine inserts, educational and training manuals, corporate reports, retail marketing, print marketing campaigns and even video business cards.

If you’re looking to deliver an unforgettable pitch that will win-over your audience and leave a lasting impression, a video brochure is a must-have.

As experts in video brochures, Slide master’s experienced team of designers will create a larger-than-life brand message that your audience can hold in its hands

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